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We have always recognised the importance of providing our clients with a service that utilises emerging technologies to improve the value of design. We ensure that all our designers are able deliver work at a consistent level of skill and confidence, with the provision of all necessary training, documentation and support.


For over three decades we have used CAD and BIM systems in various different forms, tailored to suit specific project sectors and sizes. This has resulted in an enormous database and portfolio of knowledge, which gives our designers access to the latest and most cutting-edge information and helps us to deliver the best possible solutions.


As one of the few design consultancies to venture into 3D BIM and associated technologies, we have provided a leading edge service for over six years, and produce each 3D design as complete 'working' models or 'BIMs' – fully integrating with clients, other design team members and contractors.


Furthermore, one of our Directors is the CIC (Construction Industry Council) BIM Hub Chairman for Wales, and advises the Welsh Government on the implementation and use of BIM via the Welsh Government Construction Sector. This sits within the Department for the Economy, Science & Transport and Construction Futures Wales initiative.